We are engaged in promoting distinction between respect for the local and national identity, and benefits from the courage to expose oneself to diversity.
The association was formed in 2008 by cultural animators, culture experts, theatre and dance teachers, and artists (dancers and choreographers).
We work for European integration and for national and European volunteer work.
The Association organises international and local socio-cultural projects concerning cultural variety and historical heritage.
We lead artistic and educational workshops for children, youth, adults and seniors on dance, theatre and therapy through art. Through workshops, happenings, events, plays and meetings we hope to encourage young and adults to develop creatively and artistically. We also hope to develop the European identity of participants through intercultural education. We make our projects with the basis of acting against social pathology through artistic activities.
In the organisation there are 5 people working permanently and more than 20 volunteers.
We have experience in artistic workshops for children, youth, adults and seniors (dance, theatre, art therapy), violence neutralization workshops (in youth and adult society), history and cultural heritage workshops, coordinating local and international projects.
In our association work artists,culture experts, and several mediators (social negotiations). The association workers have wide experiences in working with youth and adults, including social excluded youth, pedagogic qualifications. We also use art therapists, culture animators, dance and theatre instructors. We have experience in coordinating international projects for youth and adults. We own language competences: English, French, Spanish.
In this project we will play an important role in the dissemination of results, help in communication all around Europe and translation of website and promotional material. Collaboration in the developing of artistic workshops and seminars designed within the project.

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